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Giving Hybrid Batteries a Second Life

The automotive industry is changing and Injectronics is leading the charge by spearheading Australia’s national hybrid battery remanufacturing program.

With Injectronics, your hybrid vehicle can continue to be the eco-friendly gift that keeps giving. Protect our environment and save money with Injectronics hybrid battery remanufacturing program.

Premium-Quality Batteries

Environmentally Friendly


Hybrid remanufactured batteries are packed with benefits. Not only do they provide exceptional battery performance, but a remanufactured solution by Injectronics, prevents batteries going to landfill. Choose a battery that’s better for the environment and your back pocket.

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The First of Its Kind

Injectronics is Australia’s first large-scale hybrid remanufacturing program. As industry experts, we’ve made the process of renewing hybrid battery packs high tech, hassle-free and cost-effective. Simply ask your preferred automotive workshop about an Injectronics remanufactured battery.